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Tony Gecko

Tony Gecko - "He's got this job see, ain't nobody's for sure what he really does for a livin'. I think his cousin is in construction, he owns a cement factory or somethin'. But hey!, you didn't hear that from me. Know what I'm sayin?

Anyway, we'll see more of him as he attempts to "break in" into an acting carreer.


"Tony Gecko" is an original character side project 'work in progress' made 3D using Blender. He's got a couple of buddies and they should be making an appearance eventually.
Sparky pushing the milk

Meet Sparky. Sparky is the non-speaking spokes person for Sparkle Markets. He was originally drawn in the 50's for print ads. I animated him in 2004 and he has been pushing products through local commercials every week since.

Created in Maya 3.0 and After Effects.

Pizzasaurus - Spokes dino for a local pizza chain.

The character was created by the client; modeled, animated and rendered by me using Blender.

Pizzasaurus in a football uniform
Hens from Pizza Joes


2D Chickens animated in Adobe After Effects. Originally this project started as a test of a puppet system using motion sketch, tracking and scripting. These are original characters.

Take a look at my original test.

Animatic for the spot selling chicken pizza and then the "next to the final" spot.