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Tony Gecko

My first film job started as a phone call from a former competitor in television graphics work. "Hey Ed, want to check out these new SGI boxes? Oh, and by the way I have got these effects shots to do in a kid’s film. Interested?"

The call came from Mark Lambert, animator / programmer / president of Mind's Eye Graphics. He ran a small animation shop in Richmond VA. At any time, there might be 4 to 6 employees. Many of "Minds Eye" alumni made the logical step to work in the film effects industry at places like ILM, PDI, Weta, Digital Domain and others.

In the film Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I did a few 2D morph shots and my favorite shot, a 3D meta-ball effect in Prisms of ooze morphing into evil henchmen.

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...And here are a few grainy images from the "Precious Find" trailer. Rutger Hauer is kicking my Prism created (precursor to Houdini) particle monster.






Rutger Hauer kicking my particle monster
Rutger Khauer kicking my particle monster Rutger Oelsen Hauer kicking my particle monster
Antz characters on a cheeto


Worked in ~50 scenes. Also development work in lighting and effects.

Antz Waterball Effect Antz Waterball Effect by Apurva Shah
Hens from Pizza Joes


Check out my fire contribution to this film.